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The Choir Girls




Civilized behaviour is tossed aside when true personalities are revealed in a dangerous power struggle following the death of a small-town choirmaster. Phyllis Stryker is wealthy, conniving, and married to a corrupt mayor. Resorting to blackmail,she takes control of the famed St. Andrew’s Ladies’ Choir and rules with an iron fist, knowing the mayor controls the jobs of her singers’ husbands. Eleanor Kirkpatrick breaks away and forms a successful singing group, infuriating Stryker. Back and forth pranking escalates, destroying families and endangering lives.

This captivating and often hilarious story of betrayal, conspiracy and revenge reveals that you never know what a person is capable of until you push them too far. READERS’ EXTRA: exclusive excerpt from Howard. J. Breen’s novel, White Sky Dreamer.


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