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It was very helpful to be able to meet with the book’s designer, Mike, in person several times on the way through. His creativity was integral to the quality of the overall product, which resulted in both a hard cover and soft cover version. I would highly recommend TLAC to anyone undertaking a similar project.

Ken Whiteside

I wrote a memoir to leave my grandchildren, three of whom were born after my wife passed away. This was a labour of love for me and it was very important that this was preserved in a permanent form. My interaction with TLAC was extremely smooth even when my contact left the company part way through the process. The recommendations made to accommodate my material resulted in a book that I am proud to share with my family. Editing was easy and timing exceeded expectations. Great experience all around.

Brian Gates

Thanks for your fine response to my request for perfect bound copies of my memoirs. You replied quickly and comprehensively to my initial contact, you quoted me a fair price, the turnaround was prompt, and the final product was exactly what I had been hoping for.

Fred Keenan

I needed to print a book in memory of my father. My experience with TLAC from beginning to end was professional, prompt, and truly exceeded my expectations. Mark Lacaria handles my inquiry and was always courteous and clear. My book included lots of graphics and the end product was beautiful and I was very satisfied. Everything from order to delivery was 100% satisfactory. The whole process took place around Christmas/New Year time, yet Mark assured me that I will receive my books on the date agreed upon. The quality of the books was truly impressive, and I am delighted to have found such a good and reliable printing company. Thank you!

Suzan Hanna

Common Questions

Is my memoir ready for printing?

This depends on how much work you have spent on your life story. Even if you have a fully complete manuscript, you will still have a little extra work to do like cover design, interior styling, folios, headers, book layout, and editing. If you already have a print ready PDF, you only have a few more things to consider before publishing! Do you want anISBN on your book? Would you like to create an EPUB?

Once you’ve figured out these final details, you will be ready to publish your memoir!

How do I publish my memoir?

There are two ways you can publish a memoir: traditional publishing and self-publishing.

TLAC helps hundreds of authors self-publish their memoirs and autobiographies. If you have a complete or nearly complete manuscript, contact us and we will help you publish your book. If you’re interested in traditional publishing, then you should be submitting it to publishers of your choice.

How long should my book be?

Memoirs can be any length, but we typically see memoirs that are anywhere between 100,000 to 200,000 words. The page count however will depend on how many images, their sizes, and how spread out they are throughout your book. Let us know how you would like to include images in your memoir and we will have a better idea of how many pages your book will be when printing.

Should I have my book edited?

We strongly recommend having your book edited. If you’re only planning to publish one book in your lifetime, you might as well go all the way and make sure it’s the best version it can be especially with memoir printing.

There are different types of editing services too. If you want someone to look at your manuscript as a whole and recommend how you can improve it, you should look for an editor. If you have already edited your work and you’re looking for someone to check for spelling and grammatical errors, you can look for a copy editor or proofreader.

You can check out Editors Canada if you’re looking for an editor to review your memoir before printing.

What do I need to provide you with?

You can give us anything you have, from word-processed files like Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs,  Emails or handwritten notes and newspaper clippings and old photographs. We then compile all of these design assets into a book according to your vision, while keeping you in control through the design process.

How To Get Started

Our 3 Step Process

Gather your notes and files together in whatever format you have

Send us what you have by email so we can provide you with a quote to format your book and print copies

Work with our design team to approve PDF proofs or a hardcopy sample until it’s approved for printing copies

Take the first step towards publishing your family legacy by emailing us your idea or thoughts for your book. Our team of experts will review your project and reply with a detailed quotation that outlines all aspects of the memoir publishing process.