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Self publishing as unique as your story

Because every story deserves to be told

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Our self publishing services enable authors to produce bookstore quality books with exceptional service throughout the entire process of design, editing and print production

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It was very helpful to be able to meet with the book’s designer, Mike, in person several times on the way through. His creativity was integral to the quality of the overall product, which resulted in both a hard cover and soft cover version. I would highly recommend TLAC to anyone undertaking a similar project.

Ken Whiteside

TLAC’s self-publishing cover design service starts at just $250 and includes two rounds of revisions

Cover design is one of the most important parts of a self-published book. The truth is, books are judged by their cover in this world, which is why you need a professionally designed cover.

Effective Covers

Professional Cover Design

Starting at $250


Self Publshing Cover Design Before


Self Publishing Professional Cover Design

TLAC ships worldwide, with very competitive rates throughout Canada.

Our most popular markets are Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Northern Ontario.

We can also ship to the U.S with the proper paperwork to accompany shipments to distributors like Amazon, Ingram and University Presses.

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Self Publishing

Self publishing is a team effort

When you with with TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing, you’re working with the highest rated team in print and publishing today.

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Exciting Cover Effects

We can apply the latest technology in digital print finishing to produce high impact results

In the example below, we designed a cover with a raised spot UV effect

The UV Mask is designed

Self Publishing Cover Design & Effects

The cover is printed and the UV mask is applied

This awesome book features a raised spot UV effect on the front cover, spine and back cover.

This book is part of an ongoing art project by Susan Farrow and the team at What Would You Like To Say

Self Publishing Cover Effects
Self publishing is an amazing experience with TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing

Thank you very much for getting all the books to us on Friday! We are so grateful. It was a very successful event, and the books are so beautiful!

Susan Farrow

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