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Economy & High Quality Printing

A Guide to Determining the Best

Press Environment for Your Artwork

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Digital Toner Printing

Particle based inks are fused to paper using the xerographic process


Quality Level: Very High

Papers: gloss, silk, uncoated, synthetic

High Speed Inkjet

Liquid inks are saturated into the paper at high speeds, resulting in quick turnaround and cost efficiency


Quality Level: Medium

Papers: silk, uncoated

Traditional Offset

Liquid inks are saturated into the paper at high speeds using the lithographic process


Quality Level: Very High

Papers: gloss, silk, uncoated, synthetic, board

Which Press Environment is Best for You?

The best printing press environment for your unique print job depends on a variety of factors. Our team of book specialists will ask you a series of questions to learn more about your printing requirements, like page count, ink requirements, paper selections and total number of copies. When they have this information, they will present the most suitable option in a formal quote by email for your consideration.

Matching to Previous Samples

It’s possible to supply a printed sample from a different printer and have our team match to it as close as possible, just specify this in your discussions with a TLAC team member and provide the sample with your order confirmation.

High Speed Inkjet Press
Offset Printing Press
Digital Toner Press

Use this chart to determine where your project would be printed

Digital Toner

High-Speed Inkjet

Traditional Offset





Text, Images &


Text Only


Coffee Table

Art Book

Digital Illustrations

& Comics

Trust TLAC’s Team of Book Printing Experts

Leave it to TLAC’s dedicated printing experts to present the options that make the most sense for your unique print job. 

Truly a seamless experience from beginning to end. Mark made our vision come to life with superior customer relations, including courtesy calls during and after the job to ensure satisfaction. We needed a large run of books with high quality at a moderate rate, and that’s exactly what we got. I would absolutely recommend TLAC to anyone looking for a great printing experience.

Matthew Kuka