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An E-book is any sort or form of a digital book. It can refer to several different file formats, including PDF, EPUB, or MOBI.

With the variety of ebook readers in the market place (i.e. Kindle, Kobo, Android, iOS Smart Phones, Tablets, Mac and Windows personal computers) it is difficult for authors to determine which digital format to publish in and to trust that the integrity of their content will remain after conversion.

EPUB 3.0 allows for an expanded web standard coding vocabulary, as well as some elements from HTML5 and CSS3, and some Javascript. At this time many devices do not support EPUB 3.0; however, more devices are expected to support EPUB 3.0 by 2016 according to the WC3. Currently, most content is converted into EPUB 2.0.1 and their MOBI equivalents.

We solve the problem of incompatibility using proprietary scripts & our expertise – optimizing your formatting for the digital E-Book reader.

TLAC provides expert Ebook publishing services for all formats and all reader s

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