How It Works

All-Inclusive service offers authors everything they need to graduate 
their manuscript to a published book.

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Our 3 step process makes it fast and easy to get published

File Specifications

Send us your PDF

Complimentary File Health Check

Project Analysis

Cost Factoring

Completion Timeline

Order Confirmation

Draft Approval

Delivery Methods

Step 1

File Specifications – Upload your book content

Now upload your book content as a high-quality PDF file.

Step 2

Describe your project in detail to our knowledgable team.

Let us know all the details of your book including the following:

  • page count
  • finished width & height
  • interior paper and ink requirements
  • cover finish
  • shipping details

Step 3

Confirmation of Order

Our team will get in touch to go over all the details of your project, including samples, deadlines, paper types, finished sizes, packing requirements and invoicing.